Make Some Noise is packed full of tools
and powerful questions that will help any woman
who's ready to make some serious shifts in her life.
Andrea's insight and energy comes through right from the
introduction, and the poem she wrote the readers
literally felt like she cracked my soul wide open.
You will not regret picking this book up!

–Lori Harder,
author of A Tribe Called Bliss

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Make Some Noise

A bold and unabashed guide to finding your voice, harnessing your true desires, and leading the life you really want.


Women are tired of worrying that they are being “too loud” if they speak up and say what they believe, want, or need, and are ready to feel their power and make themselves heard. A certified life coach and author of the bestseller How to Stop Feeling Like Shit, Andrea Owen knows that this is absolutely attainable if women can channel their righteous anger and desire. But she also knows that they’ll need to disrupt a status quo in which women have been conditioned and socialized to remain on the sidelines and to put others before themselves. With all of the expertise of a veteran feminist and hell-raiser, and the relatability of a dear friend, Make Some Noise will push women to step outside of rigid societal expectations and show them how to take back control of their lives, and make them all their own.

In Make Some Noise, Andrea deconstructs common behavior patterns that sabotage our power as women, and instead suggests new behaviors for creating a life that truly serves our desires and needs. From unlearning the notion that women should stay quiet and take up little space to trusting your inner wisdom, Make Some Noise is a raw and honest guidebook, and, ultimately, a call to arms.

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Andrea Owen and her book, Make Some Noise is the slap on the ass you didn't know you needed. She'll take you from being frustrated about feeling not enough, to motivated and equipped to stand up, speak up, and step all the way into your power. You'll want to buy this book for all the women in your life!

– Susan Hyatt,
author of Bare

susan hyatt

Now more than ever, we as women need to come together, own our strength, rise up and empower ourselves and each other. This book is the essential road map to get us there. It's raw, relatable, soul-stirring, activating and a MUST read for every woman on the planet.

– Shannon Kaiser,
author of The Self-Love

Layer 2

The ultimate guide to getting your shit together, written by the best shit stirrer I know. Andrea does it again with a book that is as equally thought provoking as it is transformative. Every woman needs a copy, and should gift a copy to that friend that needs that little nudge to shine a little brighter and talk a little louder.

– Rachel DeAlto, author of
Relatable: How to Connect
with Anyone Anywhere
(Even if it Scares You)

rachel dealto

This book is easily digestible so that you can skip
to any chapter and pull out the behavior or
behaviors that speak to you the most
and work on them. A must-read for any
woman yearning to feel
her very best!

– Christine Hassler,
author of
Expectation Hangover

christine hassler

the author

Speaker. Life coach. Author. Hellraiser. Andrea Owen is creating a global impact in women’s empowerment with her books being translated into 18 languages and available in 22 countries.

She helps high-achieving women maximize unshakeable confidence, and master resilience. You can learn more at